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Clients can have you in the palm of their hand
With our patent pending technology,
anyone can refer you on the spot and
you get notified
Clients can do business with you from their phone
Clients have easy access to your info
Completely customizable at any time
Changes are effective immediately
Easy and fast referrals with our patent pending refer technology
Know who is referring you and to whom
Get notified when you are referred
Know how your info is being used
Additional Features
Text Card Link
Admin Accounts
Corporate Accounts
Vanity URL
Contact Categories
Make your own changes
Reorder items easily
Optional Professional Setup
More to come...
What Our Clients Are Saying
"After I easily created my Merandex IntroWave™ Mobile App, I shared it with my friends and current clients. That same day I was notified that I had been referred to someone. I followed up and got their business. The IntroWave™ Mobile App paid for itself on the very first day. A great tool."
-- Jack Ives, Creative Director, Ives & Associates Advertising Inc.
"The coolest thing since sliced bread!"
"The YouTube set up videos are great and made the DBC setup easy. I love that I can change it anytime I want. I am excited to start sharing it!"
-- Dr. Derek Van Benthuysen, Juice Plus
"Merandex is amazing. David was so helpful in getting our IntroWave™ Mobile App set up. We Love it!"
-- Charles Costa, President, Costa Interiors Inc.
"A marketing must have. I highly recommend this tool for any type of business! I don't know how I functioned without it!"
-- Robin Oratio, Writing On The Wall Ads
"I love the ease and convenience of the Merandex IntroWave™ Mobile App. It has the functionality and interest of an app, and allows me to send my clients and potential customers any where I want to around the web. I love how easy it is to use and to change it up!"
"I love my Merandex IntroWave™ Mobile App!! Everyone has a phone and is on it all the time. I love seeing my logo on the home screen and pulling it up to send to perspective clients. Did I mention the follow up to referrals is effortless? You get an email and the phone number is there if you don't hear from them you can reach out to them!"
-- Inga Potenza, R.D.A., Office Manager, Valerie Barba, D.D.S., LLC
"The Merandex IntroWave™ Mobile App is a very beneficial tool for my business. My referral partners utilize the refer me button to send my information immediately to their clients, the ultimate instant gratification business card. I am also able to utilize all of my social media outlets and my apply online feature right off of my mobile app. And I haven't even tried the video clips yet. I recommend this service to all my connections."
-- Drew Anlas, Division Manager, NJ Lenders Corp.
"I absolutely love my Merandex IntroWave™ Mobile App. I no longer have to worry about whether or not I have my business cards with me at all times. On a recent cruise, I began speaking with others about cruises and excursions I had taken. When they asked how I knew all this stuff, I replied I was a travel agent and they immediately asked if I had a card. I sent them my IntroWave™ Mobile App and before you knew it I was acquiring new clients. I love that my clients can link directly to my social media pages and websites as well as immediately see any specials with the touch of their finger! It is absolutely wonderful!"
-- Lisa Costa, Vacation Travel Consultant,
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You can sign up for a free 30 day trial - no credit card needed. Then you can convert to a fully licensed account without losing your configuration. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. There are no cancellation fees, though no refunds are provided for prorated periods.
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About Us
David Sokoler
David Sokoler
Founder and Managing Director

During David's many years in the technology business, he has focused on customer satisfaction, strategic planning, process improvement, organization transformation and product quality. He is a proven leader whose priority is continuous improvement via innovation, technology, and best-in-class methodologies.

David began his career at Bell Labs as a software engineer designing and developing networking products. Later as a Technical Manager in the CTO organization, David led many cross organizational technology initiatives which set corporate strategies and reused common components.

At Avaya, David served as Director of Engineering for the Enterprise Contact Center product portfolio. In addition to directing the daily operations of the global product development team, he created product and technology roadmaps establishing a clear organizational direction and helped customers and partners understand and apply Avaya's products to their business needs. David was responsible for a $21M budget and products that generated $215M of revenue yearly.

As the Executive Director of Product Development at Niksun Inc. David led the Data Access Software Development and Product Management Division. Working closely with government, service providers and financial customers, he and his team assessed their needs and incorporated solutions into the products and roadmaps.

David founded and operates Merandex Technology Solutions. He has conceived of and under his leadership Merandex has created many products and services including a hyper-local display marketing service, a digital ad jounrnal service, a cloud based platform for custom applications enabling businesses to streamline their processes and workflow and, most recently, the Merandex IntroWave™ Mobile App.